Raw food Rehab: 21 Day Challenge




This programs was designed with beginners in mind and is very flexible. It’s time to REHAB your body and give it the nutrition it deserves!

I cut through all of the confusion and show you how to prepare, eat, and ENJOY REAL FOOD.

I challenge you to eat mostly raw food for 21 days, because it will take you to the mountaintop, but I also teach you how to incorporate cooked meals as well.


How to ditch Gluten, Dairy & Processed Junk Food

How to create delicious meals with whole foods and minimal ingredients

How to read food labels: What to look for and what to avoid

How to identify food allergies & sensitivities without expensive testing

Which foods trigger common symptoms that you might be experiencing

How to kick the diet mentality and eat for optimal health…
that means NO MORE calorie counting or eating from a box.


21-Day Raw Food Rehab Challenge Program

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60+ Recipes

14-day Suggested Menu Options
(after 14-days, you get to choose your menu from the 60+ recipes!)

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