Do I have to be vegan to do your program?
No. Most people that use my programs are not Vegan, but end up choosing to continue on with a Vegan/Plant based lifestyle due to improvements in their health.

What is the difference between Plant Based and Vegan?
Plant based is more of a diet preference, where Veganism is an ethical decision to not use animals for food, clothing, entertainment, etc.

Why are your programs Plant Based?
The World Health Organization released a statement informing us that meat causes cancer. Under no circumstances will I recommend that anyone eat products known to cause cancer. I’m here to help you prevent it, and the best way is through healthy, organic, nutritious plant based foods. I am highly ethical person, and in my heart there is no way I could recommend animal products to anyone.

What kind of food will I be eating?
You will be eating a variety of plant based foods such as nuts, seeds, grains, fresh juices, smoothies, legumes, vegetables, fruits, quinoa, etc.

What kind of results can I expect from your detox program?
Individual results vary, but you will lose an average of 3-5 pounds in one week.
You will look younger and feel lighter, glow, and have tons of energy.
You will kick sugar cravings.
You will sleep like a baby, without waking up at 3 am.

I have food allergies. What do you recommend?
I recommend hiring me to build a custom meal plan for you and a detox.

What is the difference between purchasing your DIY programs vs hiring you to create a custom program?
I recommend purchasing one of my “Do It Yourself” programs if you are on a budget and want to get started on a clean eating lifestyle. You will receive your program and receive some guidance via my private facebook group.

I recommend hiring me to create a custom program for you if you have no experience with healthy eating habits, have a substantial amount of weight to lose or a very specific goal, have an autoimmune disorder, food allergies, PMS/PMDD, hormonal imbalances, infertility problems, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, etc. Food can help heal you, but there will be some trial and error involved. We will work together to figure out what works best for your individual body. My custom programs are 8 weeks, which is enough time for you to see some serious results.

I’m not sure which program to purchase. What should I do?
Please email me and let me know what your goals are. We will go from there.

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